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  • Business Trip Rentals

    Take a look at a wide range of luxury flats for any business occasion. Our apartment portfolio is perfect to accommodate your employees and help you make this business trip a success. Living in a luxurious home all together encourages team building and foster creativity.

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  • Long Term Corporate Rentals

    If the city of Barcelona is a crucial part for your organization, renting our services is a smart choice to house or relocate your employees. We can provide homes with collaborative work spaces or suited for families. We will ensure as much as possible that your workers are close to each other and their place of business.

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  • Filming and Photo Shoot Rentals

    Whether you need one of our homes for half a day or a whole week, all of our properties can be used for flexible periods that satisfy your projects requirements. Each of our listings are unique and you will certainly find what you are looking for.

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