We accept:

  • Bank transfers
  • PayPal
  • Directly charge your credit card after we get your approval. 

Once you make a booking request, we will review it and send you a form regarding methods of payment. Please note that the total amount of the reservation has to be paid 100% before your arrival. 

We aim to accept all bookings within 24 hours of the request being made.

There are no hidden fees.

However, we do have some extra charges which you can find under each listing before you book the property;

1) Late Check-in Fee

Please note that there is a late check-in fee of 20€ between 20:00/8PM -22:00/10PM, 30€ between 22:00/10PM – 24:00/12 midnight and 50€ after the midnight. This fee has to be paid in cash to the check-in person at the time of check-in. 

2) Tourist Tax

Since 2012, Catalan law requires that every tourist aged 16 and over must pay touristic tax fee. Tax is 2,25 € + VAT for apartments in Barcelona (2,48 € per person per night) and only applicable to the first 7 nights of stay.

3) Lost Keys

Please make sure you don't leave the keys in the lock when you leave. This will incur a fee of €250 for a lock change. In case of missing or lost keys, will need to ask you for an extra payment of €100.


We offer a full refund only if:

  • You cancel your booking 48h after making it
  • AND if the day of your booking cancellation is at least 14 days before the check-in day.

Then, we are unable to offer a refund as it is difficult to find replacement guests within a short time frame.

National and International police demand that each guest, prior to their visit to Barcelona, would send information of their IDs or passports. This is a mandatory Catalonian Law, and all legal touristic establishments are required to adhere.

After you will confirm your booking with us we will send you a form where you will fill out all the required parts by yourself (full name, date of birth, nationality etc.). 

In compliance with the article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of personal data protection, and according to the article 25.1 of Organic Law 4/2015, of 30 March, about protection of the citizen security, we inform you that, with the purpose of processing this document, your data will be included in the file of SIP HOTELS of the General Direction of the Police. You may exercise the rights to access, opposition, rectification and cancellation before the person responsible of the file, the titular person of the General Direction of the Police (trav. de les Corts, 319-321, 08029 Barcelona).

Several ways exist to go from the Barcelona airport to the center of the city.

If you decide to take the taxi, you can either:

  • Take one at the airport. From the Terminal 1, the cost is around 30€ and from Terminal 2 around 35€. Note that you will also have to pay a supplement fare fee from the airport of 3.10€, disregarding of the Terminal.
  • Or use the most famous app used in Barcelona, MYTAXI. 

If you decide to come by public transport, you can take:

  • The R2. This train goes from the Terminal 2 of the airport to the city center (and vice versa). If you have to go to Terminal 1, you can take a shuttle to first go to Terminal 2. The R2 is a cheap way to go to your apartment but the train has a few stops along the way and only departs 2 times per hour.
  • The express aero bus A1 and A2 (one for each terminal). These buses go directly to the city center in 25min.
  • Other buses like the bus 46 (during the day) and the N17 and N16 (during the night) go to the city center from the airport. Even though this is a very cheap way to go to your rented home, if you travel with a lot of luggage or a big group, we would advise you not to use this mean of transportation. The bus can easily get crowded and have few room for suitcases.
  • The L9 Sud. This is a metro line that goes to both Terminals. You should take into account that this line does not serve the major transport hubs of the city, so you might have to take a second metro line to arrive at your destination.

If you arrive from the Girona airport:

  • Take the line 604 (Girona airport bus line) to go Barcelona. The bus will drop you off close to Arc de Triomf. The trave time is of 75min and a single ticket cost 16. 

Of course ! 

You can always modify various options after having booked with us such as:

  • Number of guests
  • The dates of your stay
  • Change of apartment
  • And other...

We will do our best to modify your booking based on availability!

Parking your car in Barcelona can be tricky as a lot of parking spaces exist but many drivers in need of this spaces too. 

You will find two colors for the parking zones in the city center:

  • The green one. It is reserved for Barcelona residents during the week. You can still use this green park spaces but the price will be high and you won't be able to leave your car there for more than two hours. However, on weekends, it becomes free for everybody.
  • The blue one. You will have to pay bewteen 9am-2pm and 4pm-8pm. Outside those hours, you can park for free but not for more than 4 hours.

What we would recommend you to do is, to go on: https://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/maps/parking/barcelona-parking-map.html. This page will allow you to see what is the closest car park from your accomodation.

Or, download the app Parclick and reserve a parking space depending on your location and price criteria.

First and foremost, always contact a checking-manager to know if you can leave your luggage before/after the check-in/check-out. 


Disregarding of the apartment you choose, check-ins are made from 17:00.

However, you may leave your bags in the home you rented from 11:30. .


The check-out is done until 11:00.

You may then leave your suitcases in apartment after the check-out from 11:30 until 14:30.

Before you decide to make a reservation with us, please read all of the house rules carefully. This is detailed under each property listing. If we notice that your group does not conform to our house rules, your request will be denied. This being said, we will always try to offer an alternative for you - there is no need to worry!

We are very sorry, but pets are not allowed in any of our accomodations.


After having made a reservation with us, you will be informed on the check-in procedure. If you were to have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.


The only thing you have to do is leave the three sets of keys given at the beginning of your stay on the dining table and close the door after you. We will take care of everyting after this.

No, smoking is strictly forbidden inside the accomodation. However, if your apartment have outdoor spaces like terraces and balconies, you are allowed to smoke. Please take care of your ciagarette ends and don't throw them around.

Inside each apartment, you will find the house manual with contact information in case of an emergency.

In case of a more serious emergency like fire or someone being seriously wounded, please call the: 

  • 112, the European emergency telephone number. They will be able to handle all types of emergencies (medical, criminal, fire...)
  • 061, the Catalan number for medical emergencies.
  • 091, the number of the national police
  • 062, the number of the Guardia Civil. It handles criminal or police emergencies

When you have made your call and the emergency is being taken care of, please contact us so that we can be aware of your situation and assist in any possible way.